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Introducing LAW AMP: Automated Marketing Platform

Combining strategy, experience and creativity with one of the worlds most powerful and intuitive automated marketing platforms.

LAW AMP our game-changing automated email marketing software with CRM, PDF and SMS capabilities, built specifically to manage customer data and broadcast targeted campaigns to the masses.

LAW AMP currently broadcasts around 3 million emails per month for a variety of customers.


  • LAW AMP’s powerful SOAP API enables easy integration with existing software. By synchronising all data from LAW AMP with data from existing software, customer information is kept up-to-date and triggered marketing communications can be created based on customer behaviour.
  • LAW AMP collects data from every marketing communication sent. This includes standard measurements like open rates, click-through rates and more detailed data such as bookings/purchases, communication preferences, favourite type of content/offer etc. This data is then stored with the relevant profile to enable more effective targeting and segmentation for future communications.
  • LAW AMP’s multi-dimensional databases enable you to collect unlimited amounts of data. Surveys and questionnaires are an effective way to gain a greater understanding of customer preferences to enable more effective email communications. LAW AMP can build bespoke questionnaires and then collect and store results easily and effectively.
  • LAW AMP collects and stores data enabling you to create powerful and personalised email campaigns. The results of these campaigns are collected to aid the development of future email campaigns. Using the data, ‘high value’ customer groups can be identified that will yield the best return on investment.
  • LAW AMP uses the data to produce highly personalised, segmented and targeted email campaigns. For instance, a single email template can have personalised copy, imagery and offers tailored to the customer based on their behaviours and preferences.


  • LAW AMP currently broadcasts around 3 million emails per month for a variety of customers.
  • Email templates are optimised for multiple devices meaning a single email will view perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Emails can be personalised by name, preferences, profile, gender, historical actions or any other data field you have collected.
  • You can personalise email subject lines for improved open rates.
  • Data can be easily segmented enabling more relevant email content to be delivered to the right people at the right time that drives better response rates.
  • LAW AMP has a permission based approval system to ensure campaigns are on brand with the correct content. The feature means emails can be reviewed before their final deployment.
  • LAW AMP can send email communications that are triggered by changes to the database. For instance, if someone joins a loyalty programme they can be automatically send a particular email. Other triggers can be established to encourage improved frequency of purchase or target ‘at risk’ customers who may be lapsing. These campaigns can be set up once and will run in the background.

LAW AMP has an extremely user-friendly interface to enable staff at any level to input new data quickly and easily. The system will even test manually inputted email addresses to ensure their validity.


  • LAW AMP enables you to see every element of your campaign from open rates and click through rates to the optimum times to send emails to your customers and what content they most prefer.
  • Email and database statistics can be shared with colleagues easily. For instance if a campaign has been sent to a particular data group, you can extract all the individuals who clicked on a link for your sales team to follow up.
  • Google Analytics UTM codes (for tracking) can be easily added to emails to provide an even clearer view on results and return-on-investment.

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Data can be easily segmented enabling more relevant email content to be delivered to the right people at the right time that drives better response rates.


Rather than just a software solution we offer strategic, creative and data analysis services to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your campaigns. In addition to LAW AMP we can assist you with the following:

  • LAW Creative can provide a full service – strategy, creative, design, copywriting, build and data analysis through to segmentation, deployment and record profile updates via responses and user interactions.
  • We can provide you with a dedicated data insights manager to analyse your campaigns and make recommendations to improve ROI. As this resource is based at our marketing agency based in Hertfordshire, it means you receive all of the insights without increasing your head count.
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