Film Production

LAW Creative offer a full range of video and film production services from script to screen and whatever the scale, we've got it covered. We invite you to take a look at our showreel and if you're interested in our services please drop us a line.

A carefully crafted, well-resolved and fully planned script is core to a successful film.


Who are you talking to when you want to make film a part of your campaign?

Film is everywhere and it's going to stay that way, so we're committed to providing you with the very best solution to bring your message to this medium and your audience. We offer a full range of film services: conceptualisation, scriptwriting, storyboards, production, direction and editing. Specialist areas include leisure, hotels and automotive.

Because we’re a fully integrated marketing communications agency, we’ll utilise the correct approach to suit your project, be it a Facebook campaign, YouTube video or cinema advertisement, all in perfect alignment with your brand identity.

So if you want to talk to your audience through the medium of film, talk to us.

(“You talkin’ to me” – Travis Bickle/Robert de Niro in Taxi Driver, 1976)

Film Production: The LAW Creative way

During the last 18 months LAW Creative has completed 52 client files shot in locations including the USA, Germany, Belgium, China and the UK.

On budget, on time

Got a big idea? LAW Creative will deliver big solutions. Cinema advertising to Global online marketing campaigns? LAW Creative's got it covered.

Suitable for: Cinema advertising, High-End website integration, Short Features, Documentary, Feature Length Film.


We promise to deliver on budget, on time and on brand. Planning and attention to detail enable our mid-high budget offering flexible and sensitive to your business' needs.

Suitable for: Product advertising, Integrated video marketing, Premium Social Media Videos, Brand Launch, Corporate Event Coverage

We think of the film we deliver for our clients as much a part of our integrated offering as any other of our services.

Script and Storyboard

A carefully crafted, well-resolved and fully planned script is core to a successful film.

Here at LAW Creative, we take concept and script very seriously, and our creative team draws from all of their disciplines to ensure that the foundations are set to deliver a product that beats the cliché of "Corporate Video" and delivers an engaging, on-brand message to support your campaign and targets.

It's about communication, narrative and delivery, and whilst we will give your key messages stand-out we understand the conventions and language of film so your audience will be hearing your business's voice LOUD and CLEAR.


With an approved script in hand, it's time to bring it to life. After preparing a comprehensive and relevant shot list we set about capturing the action whether it be on location, on set or on the virtual stage.


With your footage in the can we move to the edit, this is when the magic really starts to happen. With the addition of our new on-site editing facility, we guarantee to bring our script and concept to life and release your vision to your audience.

We specialise in preparing your film for its target audience by aligning its message to your brand, and our knowledge and understanding of the very latest technologies will ensure it gets there.

Visual Effects (VFX)

If your project requires VFX, LAW Creative will plan the inclusion of stylistic, on-brand visual effects sequences that can include: The simplest of captions and titles to complex character animation, VFX needn't break the bank either, LAW Creative always considers cost effective VFX solutions to work within your budget.


Being a fully integrated agency allows us to have the expertise across many channels to understand how to reach your audience both on and offline.

Whilst our film and post-production team understand the specifics of more conventional display our digital team complement this knowledge by employing the very latest online and mobile display solutions to both target and maximise your audience.

We pride ourselves in delivering to you a considered, engaging and solidly conceived video, but in the video rich and competitive world your film won't be a success until it proves itself with your audience.


LAW Creative's approach will ensure that you get the best value for money and ROI as we're very aware that whilst not every project needs to look like Avatar, this doesn't need to stop it having a great script. Our experienced team and new in-house video editing and post-production facility has just gotten bigger and better, so contact us today to explore what video production at LAW Creative can do for you.

Delivering results and meeting your targets is the motivation for creating your film. Measuring success, returning results and proving ROI is what we do and we're constantly developing ways to improve LAW Creative's proven track record.

We think of the video we deliver for our clients as much a part of our integrated offering as any other of our services. Different videos have different audiences, so whether its a cleverly targeted SEO strategy for online display, or a well-timed direct mail campaign, we don't just abandon our films once they meet final cut, we nurture them to ensure that your message reaches as many screens as possible, despite their size, resolution or cost.