Integrated Marketing

If I were a client of course I would want all of my marketing to be integrated.

Why wouldn’t I want consistency of message and complementary use of media? Why wouldn’t I want to benefit from the ‘power of the single message’? Why wouldn’t I want to save time in briefing several different types of agency?

Finding a truly integrated marketing agency is more difficult than it at first seems. Traditionally clients may have appointed an advertising agency (still do!) who would take the lead role in promoting the client’s product. Advertising was described as ‘above the line’ with ‘below the line’ (direct marketing/promotion etc) taking the role of poor relation. In fact it was often the so called ‘below the line’ companies that had the business acumen to spot the potential for the client’s say, direct marketing campaign, to fully reflect the mainstream advertising work.

…integrated marketing often isn’t truly integrated…

Now more than ever markets are fragmenting and many clients are having to target niche groups using CRM, digital or direct. For many, the multi million pound television campaign is no longer the panacea for all things and integrated marketing is essential to success.

The trouble is, integrated marketing often isn’t truly integrated. The services that the client needs may all be based under one roof but the output they deliver is not speaking with one voice.

It all looks great at the start: the client can save time and, apparently, ensure a clear brand message by briefing one integrated agency in a single session. That means they don’t have to trawl around several different discipline agencies giving similar briefs to all and praying that there might be some synergy within their campaign as a result. But as the separate services of the integrated agency set to work, each one interprets the brief in different ways, the brand message becomes weakened and integration begins to fall apart.

...larger groups who claim to offer fully integrated marketing are no more than a ‘huddle’ of several specialist companies...

This is because the services are only integrated in the sense that they are all a part of the same business, and not truly working together creatively to develop and follow the same vision. They may offer the ‘best in the discipline’ services for every aspect of the communications mix that clients need but that’s where true integration stops.

This is because larger groups who claim to offer fully integrated marketing are no more than a ‘huddle’ of several specialist companies housed under the same roof and all competing with each other for turnover and profit to impress their parent company masters! And it is this conflict of interests that results in lack of communication, competing interpretations of the brand message and a failure to deliver integrated marketing that speaks with one voice to the client’s customer.

No agency can credibly claim to be experts in all of the disciplines that clients can choose from today; so where can clients find truly integrated marketing that delivers powerful, consistent brand communication?

At LAW Creative, we don’t attempt to provide every possible service in house, nor do we fail to understand the need for our clients to access the best possible expertise in from the dazzling range of services available today. We achieve truly integrated marketing by acting as service integrators, briefing that ‘one vision’ to in-house teams that are truly expert in what they do, and briefing direct to the best in discipline practitioners our clients need to achieve their goals. There are no conflicts between disciplines, no disparate teams working in isolation from each other. Every marketing activity is guided by a central thought, a single interpretation of the brief, that delivers a strong, clear message via all channels.

We are media neutral. We have the best interests of our clients at heart with no conflict between internal divisions or individual interests. We provide clients with an experienced and empowered Account Head, often working with a Director of Planning to ensure that a fully integrated communications approach is implemented across client accounts. We are a business led agency and offer a proven track record in providing clients with maximum profit for minimum marketing spend. LAW Creative offers expertise and forward thinking in Design, Digital, Advertising, CRM, Direct Marketing and Promotion.