David Lloyd Leisure

The UK's premier racquets, health and fitness group

LAW Creative has helped the David Lloyd Leisure brand keep its competitive edge through a range of cross media integrated communications, together with informed and intelligent NPD initiatives designed to continually refresh the brand experience.

Being Fit Can Be Fun

David Lloyd Leisure, Europe’s premier health, sport and leisure club brand, has launched a new campaign designed to encourage membership as a result of showing that getting, and keeping fit, can be fun.

Says LAW Creative Executive Creative Director Keith Sammels ‘with some health and sports clubs you get the feeling that working out is just that. Working’!

‘At David Lloyd Leisure the emphasis is on an enjoyable, lively and healthy challenge’.

‘Our new campaign seeks to break the mould of much of the sector advertising, showing creative treatments that demonstrate that we understand that there are many reasons why an individual or family might join. Whether it’s looking sharp, getting in shape for the beach – or simply being able to take the kids for a swim or other play activities. The new advertisements also contain one or two facts that people may not know such as; David Lloyd Leisure has over 700 indoor and outdoor tennis courts (great news with the inspiration of Wimbledon just around the corner), more pools than other operators and over 10,000 available classes per week’!

The tone of the campaign emphasizes the fact that the David Lloyd Leisure brand offers professional help and great facilities, but also the ability to enjoy yourself whilst you go about it.

The new campaign will be seen on and off-line by millions of people who are interested in enjoying a healthier and happier lifestyle this summer.

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Brand Repositioning

LAW Creative has launched an international brand repositioning and business building programme for David Lloyd Leisure, the UK’s premier racquets, health and fitness clubs.

The brief was to find a distinctive consumer positioning that raised the brand above the generic competitor fitness and well-being claims.

We used our strategic approach to consistently and inventively, generate inspiring insights and propositions. The brand has family minded values and a heritage of professional excellence. Its product range supports a holistic well-being claim. David Lloyd Leisure could deliver against a fresh perspective on consumer needs from health clubs – the desire to keep fit is not the end in itself, there is a higher purpose, and that is, to enjoy life to the full.

The new brand reflects the premium position of the group and has included an update of the highly recognisable David Lloyd Leisure logo. The non-verbal trademark has been rescaled for added dynamism and clarity. The new colour palette, along with a powerful new strap line ‘LIFE. Be fit for it’, has been successfully launched in the UK and Continental Europe.