easyCar Club

easyCar Club is the UK’s largest peer-to-peer car rental market place.

Owners can make money from their car or van by renting it when they aren’t using it whilst drivers can save money via less expensive more convenient, local car hire.

Visit the website: carclub.easycar.com

Website Redesign

LAW Creative has developed a new brand identity and website design for easyCar Club. The site is fully optimised for mobile and tablet devices and enables owners to easily upload their car or van to the site. Drivers can easily search for cars using the booking engine functionality.

Easycarclub Projects

Brand Video

Peer-to-peer car lending is a relatively new concept in the UK so LAW Creative was tasked with creating a video that explained the key benefits to both car owners and prospective drivers.

The video uses an engaging and unusual mix of illustration, animation and miniature models to explain the car lending service. So far the video has been viewed over 28,000 times.