Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo is a brand that is different. Their hotels are all about neighbourhoods and they take every opportunity to share them with their guests. Hotel Indigo® combines the individuality of a boutique hotel with the reliability of a big brand company.

LAW Creative is pleased to be working with this great brand that is innovative and stylish.  We have produced many projects of which we are very proud.

Hotel Indigo and the World Photography Organisation

Hotel Indigo is a partner of the World Photography Organisation (WPO). Hotel Indigo is inspired by the local neighbourhood and the partnership was a vehicle to reinforce the ‘local’ brand message, enhance guest experience, drive positive engagement and support the WPO partnership.

Throughout the summer of 2015 Hotel Indigo hosted photography masterclasses in partnership with the WPO and true to the ‘neighbourhood’ ethos of the brand centred on a theme relevant to the hotels’ neighbourhoods. The masterclass subject: how to take great photos on your smartphone and publish them on Instagram.

Dan Rubin, Photographer and Instagram expert, presented the sessions at hotels around Europe. LAW Creative were recruited to create video content as engaging, informative and shareable content to be used online, socially and within the hotel properties themselves.

Click here for the teaser and editorial edit of these videos and pick up some top tips for how to take great photographs with your iPhone.


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Experience the Neighbourhood

In 2014 to promote their partnership Hotel Indigo partnered with the prestigious World Photography Organisation to challenge University photography students, local to Hotel Indigo properties, to tell the hotel’s neighbourhood story through a portfolio of images as part of the Hotel Indigo and World Photography Organisation Student Photo competition.

The winning and finalist images were exhibited as part of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition at Somerset House, London. The winner has been commissioned to shoot the official photographs for a new Hotel Indigo hotel.

LAW Creative has worked with Hotel Indigo to create exhibition stands and brand collateral for a roadshow exhibition around Hotel Indigo properties from Edinburgh to London.


Explore the Neighbourhood

Hotel Indigo is always striving for new ways to enhance the delivery of the brand experience to their guests.

A pilot project was briefed to LAW Creative to drive awareness of the hotel’s local neighbourhood story, ensure guests easily understand the story, inspire guests to explore the local neighbourhood, enhance the guests’ stay at the hotel and create memorable moments.

Many hotels can boast a leaflet display in their reception area with disparate leaflets promoting local attractions.  Hotel Indigo wanted to go one (or ten) better and create a bespoke display to showcase the neighbourhood and give their guests a shortlist of personal recommendations from the team from the ‘best restaurants to enjoy dinner tonight’ to the best local attractions to visit; not just the major tourist attractions but the hidden gems too.

A bespoke display system was installed in the pilot hotels to match the décor featuring cards with content gathered from the hotel team. From art & culture, local attractions and shopping to where to enjoy the best cappuccino, the information has delivered great results.


Here’s what some guests said on Trip Advisor:

‘We found the information leaflets on the local area very helpful for finding nice places to eat and drink.’

‘info on the area in reception is very cleverly put together’

Post pilot research found that 96% of guests said the leaflets were a good idea with 93% saying they are useful.  There were also many positive comments on the cards themselves including the bespoke content, design and quality.


Neighbourhood Story Packs

The neighbourhood story is central to every hotel within the Hotel Indigo portfolio.  As we all know the best initiatives truly come to life when they are delivered by an engaged and knowledgeable team.

The neighbourhood story is created pre hotel opening.  The story itself contains 3 main pillars which create one cohesive story with an over-arching theme, taking inspiration from the history of the neighbourhood and focusing on the culture and spirit as it stands today, what it is famous for and what makes it unique.

LAW Creative were tasked to deliver the neighbourhood stories in a new physical format to give pride to the owner and teams who work in the hotel, aid creativity to give designers a real feel of the area and relay a strong sense of the brand.  In essence a collection of stories that inspire and create passion.

LAW’s approach was to literally ‘judge a book by its cover’. The ‘story’ was delivered by an outer pack which was reminiscent of a hard back book and revealed inside was perfect bound brochure with engaging and inspiring content.

The client believes the Wow factor was truly delivered and they are now proud of their bookshelf containing the 18 special editions for each of their properties throughout Europe.

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