Lucas is a global brand with a strategic network of businesses contributing to worldwide sales of $130M.

Still growing, Lucas has been continuously trading longer than any other automotive component brand in the world, with a heritage that includes producing the first "King of the Road" cycle lamp, for use on the Penny Farthing, produced in 1878.

Icon Campaign

The brand has come a long way from those early beginnings and now supplies a global range of components in several different technology areas for the most modern vehicles on the road.

 LAW Creative is continuously working with Lucas to reflect this progress and create an overarching message – positioning Lucas as the iconic brand it is.  As part of an integrated campaign we used targeted press and digital advertising placing Lucas with its famous green branding amongst iconic European landscapes.

The advertisements helped develop the global image of Lucas, highlighted the heritage and innovation of the brand and invited customers to a dedicated landing page. As well as devising the successful campaign, LAW Creative also planned and purchased all relevant media space.

Lucas01Lucas02Lucas03 1Lucas03 2

Lucas has been so impressed with the Icon campaign that they have asked LAW Creative to devise the strategy for 2016 including an upgraded website and fully integrated trade press campaign across seven European countries. Watch this space…