Mecca Bingo

UK’s best loved bingo brand, part of the Rank Group

As Mecca’s lead retail creative agency, LAW Creative has been producing strong, effective marketing communications for Mecca Bingo.

Integrated promotions to support 96 Mecca clubs, brand portfolio support and club and product launches are just some of the exciting projects we are passionate and successful in delivering.

Mecca Spooktacular

Seasonal promotions are a key focus at Mecca and Halloween is no exception. The objective of the promotion is to encourage existing members to visit more frequently during the month of October with a series of big events to try to establish more frequent customer playing patterns.

We produced Mecca Spooktacular, an in club promotion which included a series of collateral starting with a teaser poster and culminating in a suite of POS including an event calendar communicated via mailers, book inserts and leaflets.

Mecca Project1

Mecca Half Price Bingo

Discounted games are a huge pull for Mecca customers. They run frequent discounted sessions in club to encourage their existing members to increase their visits, hopefully leading to increased frequency of attendance if they can encourage playing patterns.

This promotion was created to communicate half price bingo to members via bright, message focussed in club POS. The clubs are able to choose when they run these promotions so they can be tactical in when they use the POS.

Mecca Project