TRW Aftermarket Website

Using our expert knowledge of the automotive industry and in-depth consultation with our target-audience, we vastly improved user experience on TRW’s Automotive Aftermarket website, making it fully responsive across all devices.

Smarter functionality and modern design, with a complete portfolio of new product photography by LAW Creative, supported TRW’s objective of becoming a digital leader in the industry. We rolled out the 40,000-page site in 15 languages, managing all translations while ensuring that all copy was SEO-enhanced, with separate search terms applied for each country.

In the first 12 months, users were up by 32%, total website sessions were up by 44% on the previous site, and organic search traffic was up by 18%. Number of units sold was up 65%, mobile usage up by 135% and organic traffic was up over the automotive industry average by 98%. Average time on each page was up by 52%, proving the quality of the content, and €5.6m was generated in catalogue search sales. These exceptional figures helped the TRW Automotive Aftermarket website win the European Excellence Award 2016 for best website, beating other big brands such as BMW and Bosch.

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The European Excellence Awards celebrate the most outstanding achievements of communications professionals in their field. Winning their Best Website prize is something we’re extremely proud of, because the award is judged not only on creativity, innovation, strategy and implementation but also on what all those things must add up to – strong commercial results.

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Left to right: Josh Kichenside (LAW Creative), Daniel Klas, Ann-Kathrin Blechschmidt, Alex Knorn, Giacomo Marras (ZF Aftermarket)