Value Retail

Premier luxury boutique shopping villages in Europe and China

LAW Creative has recently begun working with Value Retail’s Bicester Village tourism department to help drive international sales for the UK’s premier luxury boutique shopping village.

Bicester Village Concierge Incentives Programme

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Already underway with various digital and email projects, our first challenge for Value Retail was to promote their concierge programme, which rewards hotel staff that successfully endorse Bicester Village and encourage guests visits.

We were tasked with creating a database of 400 London hotels that suited Bicester Village’s discerning clientele. Following this we recruited and briefed brand ambassadors to visit the hotels to collect data, discuss the programme and leave uniquely QR coded trackable collateral to empower hotel staff to promote the village to their guests.

The response at hotels was overwhelmingly positive, with some running out of collateral almost immediately. The end result for Value Retail is a vast and detailed contact database, a quick start to a positive relationship with leading London hotels, and easily measurable results from the collateral left behind.

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