Strategic Planning

Everything we do at LAW starts with a simple premise: that without clear objectives and a process for achieving them in a way that is sustainable and measurable, the work that we create will not be optimal.

Naturally, we don’t want that and neither do our clients. So strategic planning is at the heart of our methodology. It gives us clear direction for relevant and effective creative work. It gives our clients reassurance that their marketing money is being well invested and will result in a budgeted return.

At LAW Creative we have the skills, methods and approaches to maximise the return on your marketing spend.

Think of the whole process of marketing as a box containing many parts – a sort of IKEA assembly job. Anyone who has tried to tackle that knows that without the instructions, you are totally lost. Many parts might look the same, but perform a completely different function. Start one process out of order and you may have to dismantle the whole thing and start again. So it is with marketing planning.

The role of Strategic Planning is to provide detailed plans and instructions that go beyond the short term, tactical needs of daily business requirements to provide the context of longer term aims and objectives so that all marketing investment plays an integral and identified role in the marketing and sales success of a business. That’s as true for a small budget to support a modest advertising plan as it is for a complete repositioning of a brand or a major campaign.

We work with our clients to really understand what the objectives are, how their brand/product/service competes in the context of others in the same space, find a ‘clear water’ proposition to provide differentiation, and makes sure that all of the marketing ’parts’ go together in the right order, at the right weight and time to meet the identified targets. If these are beyond fiscal ROI, but about exerting some other influence over the target group(s), then we recommend, source and conduct market research using sophisticated techniques pre or post campaign/activity, or both, depending on the need to concept check or prove rolling, cumulative awareness or other attributes of the brand/product/service prescribed by the agreed and identified objectives at the beginning of the process.

Often, our strategic planning role might not relate to any creative work as an output: it can be used to help and inform more fundamental business issues, such as developing Vision and Value sets, internal messaging, staff training and more.

And of course, our Strategic Planning function is fully integrated with all parts of the LAW offer, be it traditional marketing, digital, social or a carefully crafted CRM programme.

The depth to which the analysis needed to support a full strategic plan will differ depending upon budget and end requirement: but the fundamentals remain, no matter how these restrictions impact the process.

We won’t set of to try and build the plan without the instructions and neither should you.

Strategic Planning