Trade marketing, in its fullest sense, is as complex and demanding, competitive and challenging as any consumer brand and maybe more so in some cases. And despite the 'B2B' tag that is now bandied about, to us, the category deserves to be called something that recognises the difference that we can bring. so welcome to 'Trade Plus'. us, a great Trade campaign uses the same tools and success models as a great Consumer campaign. Only the targeting is different



It’s time to re-think how we treat the people we talk to in trade communications. We need to think about them as people first and foremost, rather than faceless job titles or responsibilities. We need to understand the pressures and challenges they have in their lives, the stuff that’s going on for them during the normal working day, as well as outside it at home during evenings and weekends, with their family and whilst they’re out doing whatever they do in the rest of their lives. The emotional element of trade communication is carried through buyer and salesman, supplier, distributor and everyone else involved in the sales and supply chain, whereas with a consumer purchase, you’ll probably never see the shop assistant again.

In just the Automotive sector alone LAW Creative can offer expertise of working with Vauxhall, TRW/Lucas, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Corvette, Hummer and Wincanton Group. Other experience includes Boeing Shorts, Boss Trucks, British Telecommunications, ICI India, ICI Europe, ICI Paints, ICI Chemicals & Polymers, ICI Perspex, GEC/Marconi, OPRO, Polar Speed, VPS, Café Bar, Croner (Wolters Kluwer), NHS Innovations, CCH Accountancy, Diageo and Durrants. Recent B2B success stories include a full integrated campaign to relaunch the aftermarket business of TRW, the leading manufacturer of safety products for the world’s vehicles, and a highly successful campaign to promote corporate events for Butlins, achieving a 200% increase in enquiries and a 30% increase in business.

If you want to find out how we can help deliver results from your Trade at marketing, get in touch. We’ll meet you and write a strategic overview of your marketing and how we might improve it.



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