Be more creative. Go to the beach.

Be more creative. Go to the beach.

The power of the waves can open up our minds to a myriad of ideas.

Since ancient times we have accredited healing and transformational benefits to water. The Romans saw baths as an important aspect of cultural life, and Chinese traditional medicine incorporates water as a method of balancing the body to achieve physical harmony. Today we go to the sea or to the lakes for our vacations or build our homes on the water in search of calm, openness and clarity.

Blue is one of the world’s favourite colours. And the current perceived benefits of biophilic design, such as increasing productivity and creativity, demonstrate that we have a genetic connection to the natural world which has been built up over thousands of years.

So next time you are searching for strategic clarity or that ‘silver bullet’ creative idea perhaps you could ask your boss to allow you a couple of days away to work by the seaside and free your mind of clutter.

This shot was taken in the approaching tide at Playa White Pearl Beach in Marbella with a now very gritty iPhone X, which was placed in the sand.

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