For what seems like a lifetime, businesses hoping for some clarity about Brexit have been repeatedly left disappointed. Worse still, the recent delay to the Brexit date will prolong the agony for business leaders who are desperate to know if or when they will face new barriers to trade, and, if so, what those barriers will be.

This debacle is making us a laughing stock around the world and is, I believe, starting to damage our medium term economy, not least because it is slowing down decision-making. Since the referendum, business investment has slumped, as companies have been forced to divert valuable resources into preparing for Brexit, while in the confusion investors are holding out on committing to new projects. Some banks and businesses have already opted to protect their interests by establishing new offices elsewhere on the continent. The slump in the pound following the Brexit vote led to a sharp spike in prices and the United Kingdom has gone from being one of the fastest growing G7 economies to one of the slowest.

At present British – and I am sure European businesses – are expected to soldier on regardless, despite the uncertainty of Brexit, while it seems our elected representatives can’t get behind anything other than their own career interests.

More than ever, Brexit is, in political terms, sucking all of the oxygen out of the room, with MPs struggling to focus on anything else. It’s time for them to do something other than constantly posture around the Brexit issue; they need to start promoting UK companies.

Well, here’s one thing we hope they can all agree on: sharing best practice in business is good for everyone. Despite the difficulties that MPs are posing for British businesses, we’re proud to have been asked to share the knowledge and experience we have gained over 20 years in the marketing sector in the 2019 edition of The Parliamentary Review.

The Parliamentary Review is an independent publication that aims to share best practice among policy makers and business leaders. LAW Creative has written a 1,000-word piece about the challenges it has faced over 20 years, how it has responded to them, and its thoughts on the future.

We’re pleased to learn that the Review has won approval from all corners of the house. The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith said, “It is read throughout both sides of the house and it is really important to have ideas from people that are engaged in the areas that are debated,” while Alistair Campbell (Director of Communications and Strategy to ex-Prime Minister Tony Blair) said simply, “Congratulations to The Parliamentary Review, it’s an amazing publication”.

Perhaps most significantly of all in these uncertain times, ex-MP and editor of The Parliamentary Review David Curry described the publication as, “a chance for people to explain not just what makes them tick, but how they can tick in the light of the political and economic environment.”

We hope that the advice and knowledge that experienced businesses such as LAW Creative offer in The Parliamentary Review will help UK plc stay profitable in uncertain times.

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