In the first two months since launch, our LEMFÖRDER campaign film has been viewed more than 5 million times on YouTube. And that’s on top of 90,146 clicks to the brand’s website, over 64 million impressions and an email open rate of 40% – well above the industry average.

These impressive results were driven by an idea and a campaign that placed the brand’s core message centre stage.

What sets LEMFÖRDER apart is a pioneering spirit and passion for detail that is simply unparalleled; and it was this unerring focus on the small things that make a big difference which formed the basis of the campaign. It demonstrates how the unique processes defined by LEMFÖRDER in Germany, and its three core values – Precision, Pioneering, OE Heritage – create the high quality products that have made the brand No.1 for OE steering and suspension parts, and relied on by more than 50 automotive manufacturers worldwide.

Everyone knows and trusts German manufacturing. And because it’s so consistently good, it must be born of a national state of mind, a love of perfection, an obsession with making things the best that they can be. This is a strong selling point for a German manufacturing company such as LEMFÖRDER, so we’ve exaggerated the point, with a touch of humour, to make a memorable campaign that shows why the brand’s obsession with perfection is a huge benefit to the automotive world. Combining this gentle humour with a premium, market-leading look and feel and an unexpected visual, our campaign engages target audiences by creating disruption in the marketplace. It also differentiates LEMFÖRDER within the overall portfolio of ZF Aftermarket, a world leading supplier in the automotive and industrial aftermarket and a EUR3 billion powerhouse with a total of 120 locations in 40 countries worldwide.


To achieve maximum impact the campaign was rolled out across Europe and adapted for several media channels and included press ads, garage POS kits, film, landing pages, email and website.

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