Centre Stage For Icon Brand

Centre Stage For Icon Brand

Distributors of Lucas Automotive products, the oldest continuously trading automotive brand in the world, met up at the Design Museum, London, on April 12th.

Delegates came from as far afield as Shanghai to Buenos Aires and all stops in between. The conference was designed to unveil exciting new plans for the brand for the remainder of 2018 and 2019.

The centre piece for this busy day of conference was a visit to the Ferrari Museum exhibit at the Design Museum, which detailed the history of Ferrari from its earliest days, right up to the current development stages of the marque. Although a relative youngster compared to Lucas (Ferrari was founded in 1947, Lucas, in 1872), it was a great opportunity for the Lucas enthusiasts to get up close and personal with another great motoring icon.

The conference was organised and facilitated by LAW Creative and was judged by all to be a great success.

For more details about Lucas, see lucas.info. To learn more about our live event capabilities, contact Brett.Sammels@lawcreative.co.uk.