Helping The Vet raise awareness and reassure pet owners


Having a pet can have a hugely positive impact on our emotional wellbeing – and this is particularly true for people who have been isolated and living on their own during the pandemic. As an agency of animal lovers, most of the team at LAW Creative have a furry friend (if not several!). That’s why we’re so proud to have helped The Vet (one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable, high quality veterinary care) promote their chat and video consultation services. 

During times likes these, the last thing pet owners need is to worry about their loyal companion’s health – so, it was really important to reassure people that they could still rely on expert and friendly help remotely. 

To bring awareness of the service and drive people to register their pet on the video consultation app, the team at LAW came up with a geo-targeted media approach to reach a large number of pet owners in the surrounding areas of each clinic: 

  1. Paid social media, with a funnel approach of awareness, interest and action 
  1. Keyword Search updated on a daily basis to mirror changes in government legislation with regards lockdown and Covid-19 
  1. Display and YouTube ads to increase brand awareness, including remarketing  
  1. Conversion tracking, implemented through Google Tag Manager, to enable us to track clicks to the video consultation app downloads per clinic  
  1. Radio and audio: people staying at home during the pandemic appeared to be listening to more radio and audio streaming. Therefore, to amplify our campaign, we included radio advertising as part of our approach and planned media based on the most listened to radio channels locally, along with tapping into the great reach offered by streaming audio platforms – such as DAX and In-Stream from Bauer – to geo-target people who had a high interest in pets. 

A combination of all our online media activation combined with radio and audio advertising contributed to an uplift of 129% of total website sessions compared with the same period last year, with the online media alone driving a total of 149,000 clicks. At the end of the campaign, The Vet had received more than 6,400 pet registrations via the video consultation app. 

These impressive results are due to the following factors: a combined channel and geo-targeted media strategy as well as relevant creative and audio script. They also clearly demonstrate that people still have a real need for ongoing veterinary services, even during a pandemic. After all, just like with people, you can’t always control when your pet will get sick or feel under the weather. 

After a tough few months for all of us, it looks like life is starting to slowly get back to normal again. As of 20th July, all The Vet’s clinics have been able to provide the same services as before lockdown (not only emergencies). So, if your pet needs vaccination, dental or ear treatment or even nail clipping, you can now book your appointment at one of their nine clinics, whether you’re in (or live near to) Ashton, Bristol, Liverpool, Morden, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Southampton, Waltham Forest or Warrington. 

Everything has been thoroughly prepared to ensure that social distancing measures are in place – so, you can expect a warm welcome in the safest possible environment. Which, after more than three months of living through lockdown, is good news for pet owners and furry friends alike! 

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