Some people spend the week looking forward to Fridays but I think they can often be an anti-climax; you’ve grown weary from all the hard work you’ve put in through the week and, frankly, you can’t wait for a cold beer and the weekend to start.

I prefer Mondays. They are the start of it all.

Mondays are full of promise. That’s when you imagine all the great things you might achieve in this new week, when you see what could be up for grabs. Maybe you’ll finally crack that challenging problem that cooked your brain last week. Maybe you’ll come at a project with fresh eyes and hit on a new idea that changes everything.

The secret of a great Monday is to relax and enjoy yourself over the weekend, then you can seize the day feeling fully fit and up for the challenge. Then, if you enjoy what you do, as we do here at LAW Creative, you’ll be ready to wake up and seize the opportunities of a brand new Monday.

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