As a creative agency, there is always the need to keep an eye on current trends within the marketing industry. Which is why LAW Creative recently attended the Getty Images launch party for ‘Creative in Focus’, its annual forecast of the visual trends set to inform and influence visual communications around the world over the next 12 months.

Specifically, Getty predicts three defining visual trends for 2018:

The first is what Getty have called Second Renaissance, images that are inspired by art history, with photographers paying homage to classic portraiture and using subdued colour palettes to create pictures like paintings.

The second is Conceptual Realism, deriving from a combination of evolving, long-term visual trends, new technology and the public’s scepticism to take things at ‘face value’.

One of the Conceptual Realism images shown at Getty’s Creative In Focus exhibition

The third is Masculinity Undone. This responds to a growing awareness that representing men through the use of stereotypes is extremely outdated (reflected by a new Advertising Standards Authority rule that bans gender stereotyping in an effort to help tackle ‘harmful and outdated practices’). Gone are the common, one-dimensional notions of masculinity and in their place more imagery embracing male emotion, vulnerability and complexity.

Examples of the Masculinity Undone images shown at Getty’s Creative In Focus exhibition

With more than one billion searches on their website every year and 400 million images downloaded in 2017 alone, few people are better placed than Getty to keep their finger on the pulse of what’s trending and what’s not. And it’s this kind of insight, understanding and awareness that shapes our approach at LAW Creative.

For example, we closely observe trends for our clients in the automotive industry. Trends that are relevant to them relate to a 133% increase in the number of searches for ‘self-driving cars’ and a 226% increase for ‘e-mobility’, compared to 2017. As long as trends are changing and evolving, we’ll be influencing and monitoring… learning exactly what customers are looking for, to ensure we always give clients the most relevant thinking.

To work with an agency that stays focussed on trends to deliver fresh, relevant work for our clients, contact keith.sammels@lawcreative.co.uk

The title image is taken from the Second Renaissance collection shown at Getty’s Creative In Focus exhibition.