Rock and Roll Marketing

Rock and Roll Marketing

OK relax. Rock and roll marketing isn’t a new LAW Creative brand. But everything can’t be about work can it? So I am sharing a couple of pics of my brand new Fender Telecaster guitar. It has just arrived in the UK from Fender in Corona, California.

When I say brand new, you may have noticed that someone has taken a set of keys to it just before it left the factory. But happily this was intentional and exactly as ordered. It’s called Relicing. In line with interior fashion design such as shabby chic, or the ageing of cowboy hats on dude ranches, Relicing is a preference for making a new guitar look like a beautiful old, used and well-loved vintage guitar. The idea is to make the instrument look like it’s been heavily used for 40 years and the effect is sometimes called ‘road worn’.

Hey, being on stage with a shiny new ‘axe’ is never cool.

Because of the expense of buying an authentic, beaten up vintage Tele, which could cost upwards of £20,000, manufacturers decided in the 90’s to recreate the look and feel of 40 years of use… on a brand new guitar. Relics, as Fender branded them (you can’t get away from marketing even when you are not working), were an instant success and an instant controversy, too. Some people think the process is nothing short of complete heresy.

If you already have a guitar and would like your audience to believe that it is as well travelled as you are, there is a ‘How to Relic a Guitar’ tutorial on YouTube. But a word of warning. At Fender they are ‘wrecked’ by master builders. And if you are determined to go it alone, then maybe practice on a junk shop guitar before you take a set of keys to your pride and joy. Or simply check out the Fender Custom Shop site and they’ll make you a beautiful guitar to your very own specification (it takes around 9 months). And then they’ll wreck it at no extra charge. That’s the power of branding for you. Enjoy.

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