The festive season is nearly upon us. So, because we think it’s better to give rather than receive, this year we’ve created the LAW ‘reverse’ advent calendar. 24 days. 24 ways to make a difference, with 24 donations made by us, on behalf of our team, to the charities that matter the most to them. Always grateful for what we’ve got and mindful of those who have less than us, or might be struggling at this time of year.

Season’s greetings from everyone at LAW Creative.

Giving Back Each day

Discover which charity we’re helping today.


Winston’s Wish

We’re kicking off our season of giving on behalf of our awesome Anushia Johnson, Account Manager here at LAW Creative, who chose a charity close to her heart.

“My selected charity is Winston’s Wish in memory of a dearly missed friend. Winston’s Wish is an incredible charity doing great work to support children and families facing bereavement. Their mission is to make sure no child or young person has to face grief alone. They provide support and resources that offer hope and I am so grateful they exist to help families who need them.”

Giving hope to grieving children.

Championed by Anushia



Today our donation goes to the British Heart Foundation, on behalf of Alison Graham our Financial Controller (photographed) and Account Manager Natalie Erotokritou, both of whom have their own family experiences of the great work this charity does. ❤

Alison: “My chosen charity is British Heart Foundation in memory of my beloved sister. BHF helps fund essential research into heart conditions, helping people like my father, who received a life saving bypass 20 years ago.”

Natalie: “My chosen charity is the British Heart Foundation. They fund research into heart and circulatory diseases which has been a blessing for both my dad and mother-in-law in the last few years. These two people will be here for Christmas again this year and are able to live happy, healthy lives because of the fantastic work this charity does.”

Striving for a world without heartbreak.

Championed by Alison & Natalie


Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Another great charity being supported today, on behalf of Jerry Bridgeman, one of our Artworkers.

“Having been a dog owner for over 45 years (not the same one of course!), Battersea Dogs Home is a charity very close to my heart. In this current climate of rising energy costs and the reduction of charitable donations due to the cost of living crisis, this is further impacted by the extra intake of of dogs, where the cost of owning a pet is proving too much for some and end up being given away. I know this is a charity with a very high profile but their needs are just as worthy.”

Helping every dog and cat in need.

Championed by Jerry


Great Ormond Street Hospital

Today’s charity choice is Great Ormond Street Hospital on behalf of Paid Media Manager Emily Sykes and Raof Ahmed one of our Senior Creatives. Every day, including Christmas Day, about 600 children and young people from across the UK arrive for life-changing treatments at Great Ormond street. They not only provide life saving treatment, but supportand care to families too. We hope our donation helps their Christmas appeal to bring Christmas to those that will stay for treatment over the festive period.

Helping children get one step closer to home.

Championed by Emily & Raof


David Lynch

On behalf of Luke Brason, a Group Account Director here at LAW Creative, today’s donation goes to the David Lynch Foundation.

“The greatest gift is to give the gift of peace, calmness, awareness, being. I was lucky that I learned this technique many years ago – so this charity has always been close to my heart, especially with their focus on supporting those often suffering from the worst trauma (veterans, prisoners, homeless, healthcare workers). Hopefully these donations help brighten someone’s Christmas.”

Healing traumatic stress and raising performance.

Championed by Luke


Cancer Research UK

Today’s charity was chosen by 3 of our team, Dave Washer, Suzi Coggins & Darren Mayhew and sadly we know its one that affects so many. Below Dave told us his reason for wanting to support @cr_uk.

“I chose Cancer Research UK because not only are they an amazing charity trying to find a cure for this terrible disease, but my dear Auntie Vivie died from cancer three years ago, so it’s a disease I’ve seen the horrendous impact of close up. The work the charity does is so important and hopefully one day we’ll live in a world that is cancer free.”

Together we will beat cancer.

Championed by Dave, Darren & Suzi



Another popular choice within the team is today’s charity @Mind, who will be receiving a donation from us on behalf of Louise Donaghey (Account Director), Ashley Pynaert (Account Manager) & Kiran Kanani (Account Manager). They all agreed: “Mental health is just as important as physical health, and mental health issues can affect any of us at anytime. Whether we have been impacted personally or know people around us who are suffering – awareness, understanding, and support are so important. MIND play a vital role in all of these.

Helping MIND to continue the great work they do will make it easier to ensure that nobody should ever have to deal with a mental health problem alone.”

Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Championed by Louise, Ashley & Kiran


Save the Children

Group Account Director @Melanie Chevalier selected @SavetheChildren as her chosen charity for us to donate to and we couldn’t not get the whole office involved in their great #ChristmasJumperDay campaign.

“I chose Save The Children as they’ve been fighting for over a century for a fairer world for children by providing food, medicine, education. It’s nearly 2023 and the problems facing children are still utterly heartbreaking. No child should grow up in poverty and being unsafe and every child should have the right to learn.”

Help children get the future they deserve.

Championed by Melanie



Our donation today goes to WWF on behalf of our Head of Digital, Jacques Ward.

“I chose WWF because of the great work they’re doing to fight climate change and improve our planet for future generations. The work they do to protect animals, the environment and even our food systems is vital for our world.”

Take action for your world.

Championed by Jacques


Make a Wish

Today we’ve donated to Make-A-Wish® UK on behalf of designer, Sam Russell.

“I chose Make A Wish because of the great work they do to bring joy and happy memories to critically ill children and their families.”

We hope our donation helps bring some joy this Christmas.

For children with critical illnesses.

Championed by Sam


Age UK

With just 2 weeks to go until Christmas day, we’re excited to keep the season of giving going with today’s donation to Age UK on behalf of our Social Media Executive, Georgia McIlraith.

“I chose to support Age UK because not only do they help the elderly through the difficulties of later life, they also focus on offering friendship and care for those who struggling with loneliness. After losing my grandma early this year, it felt like the perfect charity to support, especially over the Christmas period.”

A world where everyone can love later life.

Championed by Georgia


Children with Cancer

Today’s charity donation to Children with Cancer UK was given on behalf of our developer Alexander Collins and Gaynor Smith our finance assistant.

With more than 12 children and young people diagnosed with cancer everyday in the UK, the work that children with cancer do is vital. Their vision is a world where every child survives cancer and the donations they receive go towards specialist research, support to families and raising awareness to drive more donations in the hope this vision is soon a reality.

Dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer.

Championed by Alex & Gaynor


Macmillan Cancer

Another great Cancer charity being supported with today’s donation going to @macmillancancer on behalf of Senior Artworker Michael Curtis and Senior Designer Jennifer Harmes.

Mike’s reason for choosing: “So many people are affected by cancer, I actually got to experience the fantastic support Macmillan offer when I was having treatment 9 years ago. I had my own dedicated Nurse who was so supportive and made the trips to hospital a little less scary. I’d like to thank LAW for supporting such a great charity that helps so many people through a really difficult time.”

Jennifer’s reason for choosing: “Cancer Research UK is a cause very close to my heart, having lost several people close to me to this awful disease, which will affect all of us either directly or indirectly during our lifetime. The amazing work that Cancer Research UK does is crucial to finding ways to battle this devastating disease and providing better outcomes in the future for so many.”

Because cancer can affect your life in so many ways.

Championed by Mike & Jennifer



10 days to go and we’re pleased to see our donation today go to @nspcc_official on behalf of our Junior Designer Rhys Johnson. He told us his reason for choosing below:

“As we’ve seen more and more cases of child abuse over the last few years, I have chosen to support NSPCC. It is important to provide support to children who feel they are alone, especially at this time of year where it should be a magical and festive time for all, but that isn’t the reality for many. Sadly this Christmas Childline is expecting a call from a child every 25 seconds. They’ve helped make over 6.6 million children safer from abuse but they need donations to ensure every call from a child is answered.”

To transform society for every childhood.

Championed by Rhys


Alzheimers Association

Today we’re donating to Alzheimer’s Association®, on behalf of our Senior Account Manager Natasha Yeshua. She told us:

“Someone close to me suffers from Alzheimer’s, a disease I have never come close to or known much about before now, so awareness is crucial. The mind is so precious, and we often take it for granted but this disease targets that specifically, causing previously easy tasks to become far more difficult for those suffering.”

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and world wide 55 million people are living with Alzheimer’s, that’s why we’re proud to be donating to them this Christmas as their research is so important in helping so many.

Join the fight to save memories.

Championed by Natasha


Isabel Hospice

On behalf of our Studio Manager Steve Farrow, today our donation is going to @Isabel Hospice and below he tells us his personal reason for choosing them:

“Losing a loved one through a terminal illness and looking for later life care and support always falls on local hospices and support groups. Just like the mainstream charities, small local charities need a tremendous amount of funding from donations. This is why I chose Isabel Hospice as they cared for my father having to face emphysema.

The Hospice has been providing free palliative care to its patients and their families for the past 40 years now, through their hospice at home, in-patient unit, community team and bereavement support service their work makes a great difference.”

Together we care.

Championed by Steve



Today’s donation was made to @Stonewall on behalf of @Mitchell Edwards, one of our junior designers at LAW Creative.

“I chose to support Stonewall as being a gay man, throughout my life I have witnessed homophobia and transphobia towards the LGBTQ+ community. Around the world there is still so much work to be done to help LGBTQ+ people. Stonewall help tackle these inequalities by helping people understand that being LGBTQ+ is just a normal way of life, they also help train workplaces, schools and other public services how to become more inclusive of sexual orientation and gender.”

Stand with LGBTQ+ people.

Championed by Mitch


Islamic Relief

On behalf of @Robin Chowdhury, Account Director at Law Creative, today we’re donating to @Isalamic Relief. Robin told us:

“I chose Islamic Relief as they do fantastic humanitarian work to support and empower the world’s most vulnerable people. Since 1984 they have saved and transformed the lives of millions of people by responding to disasters, rebuilding lives and preparing people in case disaster strikes. In addition to providing disaster and emergency response, they also promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities.”

We save lives before they are lost.

Championed by Robin


Lister Hospital Wallace & Gromit Charity

A new week and a new donation to make. Today we’re giving to @The Wallace and Gromit children’s charity, on behalf of Account Manager, Mallory James. Find out her reason for choosing below:

“I chose The Wallace and Gromit children’s charity because I think it is important to support those going through hard times, who might be in hospital, going through treatment or aren’t able to be with their entire family at this time of year. Without support the charity can’t continue supporting children and parents, making a real difference during the most challenging of times.”

To improve the lives of sick children in hospitals and hospices.

Championed by Mallory



Today’s charity was chosen by two of the animal lovers in the office, @Beth Cronin & @Mitchell Rosen and is the @RSPCA. Read the heart-warming reason why Mitch wanted to support our furry friends below:

“My first pet was a black and white tom named Dancer, for his resemblance to the cat in the book ‘The Cat Who Came to Stay’. He was a wonderful first pet for two young brothers; playful, affectionate and extremely violent.

One day, after a three-day disappearance, he had a run-in with a grizzly bear (or perhaps a car) and returned home with half his tail missing. We took him to the vet and from that day onwards he was a Manx cat and we loved him more for it – the whole neighbourhood did.

Dancer was a rescue cat from the RSPCA and I’ll never forget the day he came to stay.”

A world where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion.

Championed by Mitch R & Bethany



We’re nearing the end of our charity advent calendar but there are still a few charities left to support that mean so much to our colleagues.

Today’s donation is being given on behalf of Natasha Sansom-Timms, Account Director at Law Creative, to @The Samaritans. Natasha chose them to support because…

“The Samaritans work hard to provide 24hr emotional support for those going through a difficult time and make suicide prevention a priority. We often forget that Christmas can be a lonely time for many, Samaritans provide support for anyone who is struggling and needs someone to listen.”

Whatever you’re going through, a Samaritan will face it with you.

Championed by Natasha


Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

Today’s donation went to @ehaat_ , on behalf of Senior Designer Niki Cuthbert-Brown and Account Manager George Squires.

Below George told us his incredible reason for wanting to support them this Christmas:

“My chosen charity is the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance for the incredible work they do to save lives. Without their service, a man who collapsed on my doorstep a few years ago would not have been able to get to hospital in time for the urgent care he needed. It’s a privilege to support this amazing charity and keep it airborne in our region.”

Delivering a first class pre-hospital emergency medical service.

Championed by Niki & George


My Name’5 Doddie Foundation

Happy Christmas Eve eve to all of you following our 24 days of reverse advent. Today’s charity donation is to @MND, on behalf of Senior Designer Dawn Jones. The lovely Dawn shares her reason for choosing to support them below:

‘After being diagnosed with MND, the Rugby legend Doddie Weir became an inspiration to so many, shining a light on MND with such a powerfully positive spirit. He set up a foundation which has a vision to create a world FREE of MND. It’s committed to raising funds to aid research and support individuals who are suffering, raising awareness of this cruel disease and by giving hope & courage to those living with MND. Sadly he lost his battle last month after 5 years, he was a funny inspiring and courageous man, a force of nature who has left a legacy which is a force for good.’

Vision of a world free of Motor Neuron Disease.

Championed by Dawn


The Salvation Army

We’ve reached Christmas weekend but before we sign off for the Christmas break there’s one more charity to support. Our 24th donation went to @The Salvation Army, on behalf of our Social Media Manager Charlotte Fish. Below she tells us her reason for choosing this charity:

“I chose to support The Salvation Army’s Christmas appeal as the cost-of-living crisis will mean so many more people will be relying on their support to be able to feed their families, heat their homes or pay their bills. This Christmas the charity will be providing Christmas lunches to older people living alone, giving Christmas food parcels to families struggling and distributing toys to children whose parents are unable to afford presents. As well as also helping rough sleepers by distributing hot food, blankets and hygiene kits, running day centres and working with local authorities to provide night shelters for those in need.”

Provide practical help for people in need.

Championed by Charlotte