Right audience. Right time. Right content.

We’ll only ever recommend the right marketing formats for your brand, researching the content that will be most relevant to your audience – including both their preferred communication medium and the format most likely to generate the response you want.

Film Production

Film touches the parts that other forms of communication cannot reach. It inspires, instigates discussion and ignites passion. There is no other channel that can so quickly grab your audience’s attention and provide entertaining, informative content that’s so directly relevant.

Copy and Scriptwriting

At LAW Creative, we not only recognise the power of the written word… we celebrate it, and put the creation of compelling copy at the heart of everything we produce. Whether for print, social or film we are all engaged and enthralled by authentic storytelling.


The rise of smart phones means anyone can take and share a picture instantly – but there’s a big difference between a shot taken on a phone and a perfectly executed image taken by a professional. Professional photography: your brand's gateway to the visual world.

Content Strategy

Content strategy refers to the process of planning, developing and managing all media that a brand creates. And right now, an effective content strategy has never been more essential. Good content will help you reach and engage your brand’s target audience.

Content Creation

LAW Creative are content marketing experts, which means we always create content with your audience and buyer personas in mind: carefully thought through and perfectly plotted content designed to elicit the desired action from your customers and prospects.

Marketing Hotline

We have extensive experience of working with clients who operate multi-site businesses. Whether on a local or global, multiple country scale, we have the experience and knowledge to support brands.

Marketing support such as this can enhance and protect your brand identity at a local level as well as increase sales. This centrally-supported approach can also save money as it avoids duplication of effort.