Content Creation

Content Creation

Targeted content creation, expertly produced

As a full service creative and marketing agency, we work closely with our clients to produce perfectly crafted content that resonates and generates action with your target audience.

Content creation that goes beyond

Did you know, according to a 2018 Nielsen Total Audience Report, American adults spent over 11 hours per day listening to, watching, reading or generally interacting with media (online, radio and TV combined)? That’s a lot of content consumption – but how do you make sure your message is seen by the right people on the right medium at the right time? Great content creation is key… but so is the knowledge of how to ensure it’s seen by the right audience.

The right content marketing format

First, we find out more about your business and your customers. Then, we can advise you on the best mediums to reach your audience.

Take our client’s customers in the automotive B2B industry, for example. They are magazine and print consumers, including point of sale. They’re also online too, so it requires a blended approach of online and offline content, often cross-linking with and cross-promoting each other.

We knew we had created the right content for the right audience, when millions of viewers were watching over 90% of our films. Other clients, however, have customers who prefer to consume predominantly online content. At LAW Creative, we have a huge amount of experience with both online and offline content creation – producing everything from product brochures and corporate films, to social media posts and much more.

An award-winning content creation process

Step 1: SEO and key phrase research

Before we start writing or designing anything, we want to know what key phrases and search terms your customers are using. This is often done as a mix of keyword research, combined with tools like BuzzSumo, Google Trends and Pulsar (social listening). We often take a look at competitor sites and social channels too. Even for offline only material, we’ll still carry out this research – it’s all about writing and creating with the end customer needs in mind. And we do this internationally too. In fact, for some projects, we have carried out keyword research in up to 15 different countries.

Step 2: Ideation

We’re a creative bunch – excellent problem solvers; a great mix of creative lateral thinkers who combine with our logical thinkers to generate fresh ideas that are realistic and achievable. The question we keep asking ourselves during ideation is ‘how does this solve for our client’s customers?’We use Smart Thinking and we’re proud of that. And we only ever suggest ideas that deliver demonstratable business results.

Step 3: Writing

Our copywriting team has significant industry experience. Our copywriters are practiced masters at ensuring communication messages are articulated into strong calls to action. We understand brand values and tone, and can adapt our copy, whether it’s B2C, leisure or B2B, through to employee engagement and automotive. Plus, we also integrate all key terms, so they fit naturally within our creative writing. Whilst our social media team is also on hand to support social content creation.

Step 4: Designing and creating

LAW Creative has a large team of designers who specialise in print design and digital design. We have significant film and photographic capability too. In simple terms, whatever the required medium, we are a full-service agency that creates stunning and engaging visual content.

Step 5: Less is more

This is about stripping back ideas and designs to their simplest format. Everything we create is intended to drive an action. We will remove content that, whilst it might look good, is at risk of being superfluous and in the way of the core message. Less really is often more.

Step 6: Publishing and content promotion

We’re a lead creative global agency for several of our clients and are therefore highly experienced, with managing translations and delivering artwork (print and online) in multiple languages. We understand localisation and regionalisation of ideas and copy too and know that it isn’t as straightforward as translating one language to another. An idea can often work well globally but will need to be ‘localised’ in order to connect with the region’s specific audiences.We also excel at content marketing promotion and make sure that your communications are seen by the right people at the right time. This includes digital paid advertising as well as CRM, social, OOH, print advertising and radio advertising too.

Step 7: Measurement and analysis

The bottom line: it’s all about generating results for our clients. We constantly measure and analyse our marketing performance and apply learnings to future campaigns. Your success is our business.


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Coinciding with the 2018 world cup, a 'Perfect Control' BOGE sales promotion collaborating directly with end-customers generating great content and engagement.