Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Content strategy that increases customer engagement, solves problems and delivers value

At LAW Creative, we’ve developed comprehensive and effective content strategies for many clients over a number of years. Here’s how.

Content is key

We see content creation as more than just informing customers about a specific product or service. It’s a way to increase customer engagement, solve problems and provide value. And our four-step process will make your content work harder than ever.

Step 1: Aligning content to the needs of your audience

Once we know more about your customers, we can advise on how to align your content to best suit their journeys. It’s important to understand your audience’s needs and how to address it within your content. The end goal should always be to help guide your customers through their journey. And based on the industry, this can differ greatly. For example, for our healthcare clients, we know that their audience are looking for answers that will help them solve specific health, fitness and wellbeing issues. This is where long-form articles and videos work well to provide education and answers. We’ve produced many authentic, inspiring stories for Nuffield Health that their audience can relate to – and it’s through these stories that we’ve then been able to seamlessly feature our client’s key products and services. Collecting and analysing data is also essential to ensure we understand the customer’s needs properly; in turn producing content that helps to nurture and convert in-bound leads utilising a variety of tools, including Pulsar, Hootsuite, BuzzSumo and SEMrush.

Step 2: Run a content audit

Whether it’s short-form video, social posts, paid media, display ads or email marketing, running a content audit helps us understand what content is working well, what can potentially be refreshed or optimised and where the content gaps are in the customer journey. This will include looking at all channels and mediums to ensure content is performing well and find opportunities for creating new content and engaging with customers where we might not have interacted with them before. Creating content clusters by user persona is also a useful way to distinguish what content already exists and what will need to be produced from scratch.

Step 3: Production plan for content creation

Once we identify the content gaps and what areas of the user journey we can enhance, it’s time to start the content creation. Our comprehensive and highly experienced teams include copywriters as well as designers, who specialise in print and digital design, film production, animation, social media and in-house web development. Our goal is always clear: how to solve customer needs, as well as meeting your business objectives at the same time. Our Smart Thinking ethos is carried through everything we do and has helped us win many awards. We’ve achieved success at the prestigious Drum Awards and been named a Top 100 Independent agency.

Step 4: Amplifying your content

The last step to producing a content strategy is to ensure you’re choosing the most effective channels to distribute your content. At LAW Creative, we’ve produced many omni-channel strategies that have helped reach and engage audiences across both online and offline, and our in-house social media and PPC teams have a wealth of experience working across multiple industries and are experts in targeting audiences across various channels.

As a results driven agency, we ensure activity is tracked and measured against organisation KPI’s and industry benchmarks. And we also strive to ensure each campaign is continually optimised, based on previous learnings.


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