Film Production

Film Production

Film production. Telling stories. Sharing more

Film and video are far outstripping all other content when it comes to what we consume on mobile – and it’s only going to increase. This presents brands with a huge opportunity. At LAW Creative, we have the film production expertise to create that content… and get it seen.

We offer a full film production and video production service, from initial concepts and storyboards to marketing with accurate SEO, to ensure it reaches right to the heart of your target audience.

It all starts with an idea

We need to engage with our audience and understand what makes them tick – so, original and relevant concepts are a must. Idea generation and conceptualising involves a mixture of creativity and psychology to achieve a perfect balance – captivating and educating our selected target market.

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Our in-house writers have years of experience creating all manner of original ideas and scripts, including adverts, corporate videos and showcase films. They are involved from the very beginning, formulating ideas with the film production team and ensuring the concepts are original, on point and on brief.

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What’s the story?

To bring the ideas to life and make sure we realise your vision, we produce a storyboard pre-video production that captures the look and feel of the prospective video. You will be able to interpret the scripts more clearly and add invaluable input to the final creative stages before filming. We have specialist storyboard artists who can illustrate or digitally visualise the scripts, depending on your preference.

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Our film production shoots have spanned the globe. From epics filmed in more locations than a Bond movie, to 10 second talking heads that direct the message simply and powerfully. Our total film-making package gives you all you need.

Depending on the style of film we are shooting, we use a variety of equipment; from handheld smaller digital cameras and GoPros, to state of the art 8k RED cameras to capture epic, pin-sharp footage, all in the capable hands of our expert cinematographers.


We constantly update our drone expertise and now have specialists in large format film production shooting. From DJI Inspire hardware to the adrenaline-fuelled speed and trickery of racing drones, which can reach speeds of 120mph to keep up with racing cars. Whatever the shot, we’ll capture it.

Getting the light right

We understand that capturing the right mood of lighting is an intrinsic part of film production. That’s why we use the latest techniques and equipment to set the scene, whatever the weather, inside or out.


A key part of any film production is sound. It adds another sensory experience that enriches and entertains. Our sound engineers capture the spoken voice and lay it over a myriad of background effects… from birdsong in a rainforest to the roar of a V8 engine. We’ll also help you find the perfect music too… to set the scene and grab the audience from the first moment.

The invisible art

Editing controls the pace and urgency of a film and can lead the viewer and steer the film in a variety of directions. Our experienced editors know that cutting a film is a creative process, and that good films become great films when the editing process begins. With the right editing personnel, your film will achieve maximum impact.


We specialise not just in creating engaging content and compelling storytelling but also in making sure that it is the centre of online attention. We’re experts in digital marketing, and with essential SEO expertise in-house, you can be sure that the films we make are seen in the right place by the right audience, again and again.

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It’s not all about film

Animation can bring some ideas to life that traditional film can’t. From full character animation to 3D computer rendering and special effects, we make animations that really work for you. We can also create complete graphic animations where you need to tell your story on a lower budget.


Engage viewers and they will not only share your films but also spend longer on your website and more time interacting with your brand.

You’re a lot more likely to rank highly on Google if you have a video embedded on your website. Video increases landing page conversion and studies show businesses that use video grow revenue many times faster than non-video users.

Plus, video content drives large increases in organic traffic from search engines too. Our video production expertise can help.


These days, social media is key. That’s why we’ll capture behind the scenes shots specifically to create captivating posts for you – whether on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We’ll also get great still assets too, which can then be used across various elements of the campaign.

We have a range of photographers specialising in all kinds of photography, from extreme sports to fashion.

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Social media

We are all spending more and more of our lives engaging with content on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Social media has become a valuable tool for filmmakers who want to reach an audience – and with consumers who want to feel more connected with brands.

  • 70% of consumers say that they have shared a brand’s video
  • 72% of businesses say that video has improved their conversion rate
  • 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions

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And the award goes to…

It’s not all about winning awards. But we’ve won a lot. And so can you…

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