Marketing Hotline

Marketing Hotline

A marketing hotline for success

Are you an organisation with a franchise and distributor network? Perhaps you operate through multiple sites? Whatever your company’s setup, there are challenges which all marketers face at one time or another. Challenges which beg some fundamental questions…

How do I maintain brand consistency?

How can I keep my sites or managers happy and build better relationships with them?

How can we drive our footprint and competitive advantage whilst ensuring it complies with our central or global strategy?

A team of local marketing experts

Successfully delivering a ‘local marketing service’ for a specific country or market (or across multiple regions) takes time, effort and know-how – and there’s no one better to choose than us. We’ve implemented them for a range of blue-chip clients, putting in place ‘marketing hotlines’… dedicated teams of marketing specialists who are fully immersed in your brand and who have a deep understanding of your organisation’s strategic direction and business objectives.

Your team will service all the requests of your local sites, offices, or resellers. They’ll provide your people with creative, design, copy, digital and even print services if required. Creating or adapting templates to meet local needs, they will give you the reassurance that your brand guidelines (as well as core USPs from your overarching advertising campaign) are maintained at all times.

The benefits of a marketing hotline

Our clients have been able to see the benefits within just two weeks – with positive feedback from their local stakeholders about the responsiveness and flexibility of the service.

The bottom line: our team will be part of yours… an extension of your business which shares your goals – and ticks a lot of boxes:

  • Generating cost efficiency for your business, thanks to a consolidation of spend into one single agency team (which removes the need of using multiple agency suppliers)
  • Improving your relationship and communications with your local sites and stakeholders, thanks to an efficient and flexible marketing team
  • Increasing your brand recognition, thanks to design consistency on your local marketing collateral

An award-winning local marketing service

Does our approach work? Hopefully our awards tell you all you need to know. We were proud to win a Stevie Award for “Support Team of Year” – an acknowledgment of the creative talent and marketing specialist disciplines that make LAW Creative a trusted agency partner and marketing support agency.

Nuffield Health LMS

We set up a Local Marketing Service with a support team in place to handle all marketing requests from local site managers at Nuffield Health.

Local Marketing Service