Behind the lens, beyond an image

What professional photography can do: display your product to the world, whilst giving your brand a personality too. By using photography strategically, you give your customers a window into your soul, a fast pass to your DNA and let them see what you are and where you’re going.

At LAW Creative, photography is one of the things we do best. Here’s a snapshot of what we can do for you.

Taking the brief

More often than not, the first interaction between your product and your customer will be through a photograph. That first engagement will be the hook. But it’s not just about showing people a picture, it’s about creating an emotional attachment, a world in which your viewer wants to be a part. It’s about making your product the most alluring it can be. Capturing the spirit of the brand – and showing all the hard work that goes into creating it.

That’s where we come in, working with you to carefully formulate a working brief, before selecting a photographer who we know can deliver the concept to the highest standard.

Bringing campaigns to life

Each photography project we work on is carefully art directed and each photograph will be aligned to your central brand identity, using appropriate identity colouring, props and models. All designed to bring your campaign concepts to life.

The shots are then given even more impact in various dynamic ways for use in digital as well as print media. Models are chosen carefully and our knowledge of how to pose people and give direction will add even greater impact to the images we create for you.

We will also work alongside other key personnel to achieve the perfect shot, including costumers, make-up artists, chefs, food stylists and set builders.

Finally, location plays a vitally important part in capturing the right shot too and it is not uncommon for us to travel far and wide to first scout the location and then get the right set of images for you. Over the past two years, we’ve worked on a huge variety of photographic projects for all kinds of sectors, with specialist experience in the hotel, leisure and automotive arena in locations ranging from casinos to workshops, restaurants to factories, from the Arctic Circle to China.

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Showcasing your product

Sometimes you don’t need a big campaign, you just need to photograph your product. A product photography shoot is where the entire photoshoot is devoted to the product being made to look beautiful for use in sales materials or promotions. This can involve either studio or location work.

To achieve great looking product shots, it’s important to get the lighting perfect. Generally, this is easier in a studio, as it’s possible to control the ambient light better, but sometimes a product needs the authenticity of being placed within its place of use. That’s where our expertise comes into its own.

Our photography skillset and lighting knowledge means we can shoot places of work, manufacturing units, products and more besides.

Social Media

Social media can be the ideal medium to showcase your brand. Consumers are not only interested in what you have to sell, but behind the scenes and out-takes too. At LAW Creative, our experienced social media team can make sure your photographs are seen by the right demographic in the right social media space at the right time, creating entertaining, informative content that’s relevant to them.

In a world where an entire generation is living with the power to capture every moment at their fingertips, the right shots from the right photography marketing agency can make a difference and make potential customers stand up and take notice.

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One shot. Get it right

Sometimes you only have one shot to grab the attention of an audience. With our photography marketing agency expertise, skillset and knowledge, we’ll help you create it.

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