Visual Design

Visual Design

What is a visual design agency?

Pretty much everything you come into contact with on a daily basis has at some point been through the mind and hands of a designer. Visual design is arranging a set of elements to make the best use of available (and negative) space to guide the consumer and direct them towards the information we want to share, giving an optimum user experience.

Aesthetically, it’s the use of a careful balance of colour, typography, photography and illustration to create beautiful pieces of work that informs, educates and enhances your brand, whether through traditional marketing or digital.

The power of design

A visual design agency will improve your brand by giving it a universal identity. Engendering trust in your customers and, in turn, imbuing your brand with an authoritative voice.

What visual design consists of…


Think of any brand and their colours are one of the first things you notice. For example, can you think of red and yellow without thinking of a certain burger chain? Or the colour orange without a certain airline springing to mind? Colours mean different things too. For instance, the colour green denotes calmness and tranquillity, whereas purple signifies luxury and royalty. Our designers will choose a range of complementary colours that will reinforce your brand.


As well as colour, brands use minimal typefaces. Again, these will reinforce the message you are trying to convey. San serif fonts, for instance, are more laid back and playful (The Sun newspaper) than serif fonts (The Times).


Not only will professional photography display your product to the world, it also gives your brand a personality, clearly showing your customers (and potential customers) your DNA.

Read more about how LAW Creative approach photographic campaigns.

Visual design in traditional media
  • Corporate Identity (Logos and Branding)
  • Press (Magazine, Newsprint, Catalogue, Book)
  • Outdoor (Exterior Signage and Advertising)
  • Exhibition
  • Product Packaging
Visual design in digital media
  • Websites
  • Email
  • Online Banners
  • Social Media
  • Animation
A matter of choice

Visual design, like any other form of design, can divide opinion. That’s why we critique and analyse every single element of our visual design work, making sure it passes our internal quality control processes before we present it to you.

A winning team

At LAW Creative, our industry-leading design team have won multiple awards. We’d love to show what a leading visual design company could do for you.

Radisson Brand Campaign

A strategic, integrated marketing communications solution for Meetings and Events at Radisson Blu and Park Inn by Radisson Hotels.

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