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No two SEO campaigns are the same – that’s why we take the time to listen to our customers, understand their business and create an effective, bespoke SEO strategy that suits their objectives precisely. Not only that, but we’ll look at your competitors’ keywords too, gaining insights to drive your business ahead of your competition.

We also put a lot of emphasis on keyword research. This forms part of the strategy which will generate new organic traffic and enquiries to your website – and lots of it. Add to that things like external site linking, social media presence (and content), site design / usability and sitemaps, and you have the complete SEO solution in one, highly knowledgeable place.

Getting you seen, getting you heard

We also know that over 90% of online users don’t go past the first page… that’s why it’s even more important that your website is seen by prospective customers at the top of search engine results. Whether it’s a new website that requires optimisation or a new domain that you need existing customers to be migrated to, we can help.

SEO FYI: how Search Engine Optimisation can make a difference

  1. Better Brand Awareness
    More brand familiarity amongst your potential customers equates to more visits to your website, and potentially more sales.
  2. Increased Enquiries
    With an 85% market share of the UK search engine market, Google is a terrific way of reaching the right audiences.
  3. Fantastic Returns
    With over 3.5 billion searches on Google each day, the sheer volume of searches is a proven way of generating one of the best ROI’s for your company.
  4. The Right visitors
    Every day, millions of people search for something online. There’s no better way of generating top quality SEO traffic to your website by offering users solutions to whatever it is they’re looking for.

Stop searching, start gaining. See how LAW Creative’s professional SEO services can help fine tune your SEO and improve your website’s performance.

TRW Aftermarket Website

We created a new online presence from the ground up, building in a series of features that won TRW Aftermarket new audiences, increased sales and a coveted award.