Social Media

Social Media

Social media. New rules, one LAW

At LAW Creative, we’ll make social media work for you. We’re a marketing agency who deliver impressive results through a variety of approaches. From audience profiling and synchronisation of cross-platform content (including PPC and Search) to creating content streams through social listening tools, we’ll help you cut through the noise and give you true standout in the world’s fastest-growing, most user-centric media format…

  • 35% organic reach (industry average 5.5%)
  • Engagement rates of up to 18% and individual posts up to 40% (industry average 0.18%)
  • Facebook CTR as low as £0.019
  • CPC as low as £0.002
  • CTR of 3% (average result 0.9%)

6 key phases. 1 core social media goal

With 72% of business seeing improved conversion rates across social media, at LAW Creative we delve deep into your brand’s identity to help you cut through the noise with a six-phased approach:

  1. Briefing
    Understanding your KPIs, objectives and goals, whether this be awareness (impressions and reach), conversion (lead generation) or advocacy (engagement).
  2. Strategy
    Using our industry knowledge and expertise to create highly disruptive content, we develop optimised strategies to meet your end goal. This covers audience profiling, providing content streams and how to continue engagement and drive sales through a marketing funnel approach. Data is used through social listening tool, keyword research and identifying relevant opportunities within the social media landscape.
  3. Creative
    From storytelling videos to highly engaging Instagram Stories, we create content that captures your audience’s attention.
  4. Campaign and set-up
    We meticulously build campaigns using smart technology while running internal QA.
  5. Monitoring
    Our team will have their eyes on your campaign every day, to ensure it runs like clockwork, while optimising paid media and running A/B testing.
  6. Reporting
    We ensure we create work that drives value for your audience and business, with results linking back to your end goal.

Our social and digital skills = your brand’s success

Community managementWe delve into your brand’s DNA, understand your tone of voice to engage with your community on a day-to-day basis. By creating posts that inspire, educate and entertain, we build brand advocacy… increasing organic reach and awareness.
Performance marketingWe devise targeted creative ads to gain maximum ROI and help brands get noticed by the right people.
Social campaignsWe create cost effective campaigns that cut through the noise – from highly evocative brand videos to shoppable ads that generate real leads.
Influencer managementWe harness the power of influencers by connecting brands with audiences through authentic and meaningful relationships.


Coinciding with the 2018 world cup, a 'Perfect Control' BOGE sales promotion collaborating directly with end-customers generating great content and engagement.