Make the intelligent choice

The LAW Creative Strategic Intelligence offer is big and broad. It carries with it both weight and a great deal of expertise that can be hard to find in the market in general – and even more difficult to coordinate if you undertake it yourself.

But we recognise that not every client will benefit from (or can necessarily afford) the whole offer. That’s why any part of our strategic solution can be bought separately, or as part of a package, always tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Planning

When you put a message out, through whichever channel, it is imperative that it reaches the right people at the right time, is based on a strong strategic framework, which in turn is based on the properties and/or uniqueness of your brand, product or service.

Brand Engineering

There are usually two circumstances in which brand engineering is important. The first is in designing an effective new brand; the second, for repositioning an existing brand to suit changing circumstances or offer. LAW Creative are highly-skilled at both.

Brand Positioning

LAW Creative will work with you to accurately demonstrate your brand qualities and strengths (including within the competitive context) and match these to how your brand reflects the realities of the organisation and its Vision and Values.

Go To Market Planning

Unless you have a completely new invention, or solution to an existing need, you’re trying to win a race that has already started. Others will be ahead of you. How do you break their pace and get yourself to the finish line before them?


Building a strong, ongoing relationship with existing customers is just as important as finding ways to generate new leads. At LAW Creative, we can help you achieve both these crucial, fundamentally important goals.

Market Research

We believe you can’t know enough about your brand and business as seen through the eyes of your current and potential customers. That’s why we construct intelligent and insightful briefs to help pinpoint exact answers from defined groups.