Brand Engineering

Brand Engineering

Brand strategy consulting: we engineer excellence

The process of building a brand that is both instilled with the correct meaning as well as fully representative of your business activities is a crucial part of what we do.

In the case of designing an effective new brand, our branding agency can design brand models that explore the various opportunities for monolithic, portfolio or endorsed brands, or any hybrid of any other model.

For repositioning an existing brand, the processes that apply are broadly the same and based on the strategic planning framework that is designed to set the overall strategy.

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Generally speaking, brand engineering briefs are driven by the questions in the strategic planning chart. You need to know and be sure about the answers to all of these questions and answers before you can assess whether your brand is fully representative of the ‘truths’ that underpin it.

Key questions a brand strategy agency will ask

First of all, where are you now? What do your key customers think about you and your brand and how well are their needs being met? Also, of course, they will have opinions about other suppliers that they use and so it’s important that, from a brand perspective, you know how you stack up against the competition. Do they understand your Vision, Values and Value Proposition?

Brand strategy consulting: giving you the right answers

Inevitably, we need to answer these questions either by quantitative or qualitative research. Workshops with your internal team can also help, which we moderate to get the best possible information that not even you may know you know! It is also likely that we will involve your staff as well, so that we can see if there is full alignment between what it is that your brand sets out to achieve and the delivery mechanism that underpins it – and that is people and how they perform.

Know what you’re up against

Then, what are your competitors doing? How are their brands seen? Before any engineering or re-engineering work can commence, we need to know the answer to that and this will generally come from (or can be combined with) the customer research discussed above. Remember that you don’t exist in a vacuum and for every weapon you deploy, a savvy competitor will use a bigger (and maybe more expensive) one.

Branding companies: planning your customer journey

Once we have identified what you want to be and compared it to the reality of what and where you are, we can begin to plan a customer journey map. This investigates the correlation between what you have to sell and who wants to buy it and how. It is an integral part of a campaign or any marketing initiative; otherwise, you could be advertising to the wrong people through the wrong channel with the wrong message.

Girling Rebrand

We refreshed a classic automotive brand with a campaign that expressed just why its rich heritage and exceptional product quality deliver the best possible safety.