Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning: Position yourself

By now, if you’ve followed the LAW Strategic Intelligence process, you will know how you are actually seen by your customers, compared with how you would like to shift to a new position on the map. LAW is uniquely placed to carry out this work by using tools that we have developed to codify metrics that help us generate answers aided by AI.

Brand positioning services

If you don’t have Vision and Values sets – vital for driving businesses in a commonly understood direction – then we can help with hosted and curated workshops that are expressly designed to help you understand what should drive your ‘inner’ but unexpressed beliefs and behaviours quickly.

Tone of voice

Intrinsic to this is tone of voice, which is an expression of how your brand speaks, which should be fully reflective of its character and resonance with the identified target(s).

Simply put, having a clearly defined tone of voice prevents you from ever speaking with a forked tongue. Everything you do supports everything else you do, so your business and your brand will be positioned accurately in…

  • Tone
  • Words

And by…

  • Market demand
  • Price point
  • Quality point

Appealing to consumers who are searching a space that matches that. Your brand will become the business and the business will be fully capable of delivering. This ‘virtuous circle’ is repeatable and brings continuous improvement and adds tangible brand value both from the ability to generate improvements in ROI but also as an asset that can be accounted for on your balance sheet. This is when full investment begins to pay back. But you won’t get there by accident.

LAW will help you understand how your brand positioning can be a true differentiator beyond it just being a unique symbol, but also by explaining who and what you are and how your competitive offering is better positioned by your value proposition.

In short, it will make you successful.

Caesars Brand Identity

A brand solution full of personality for a vibrant new celebrity chef restaurant.

Caesars Entertainment