CRM strategy: Building better relationships

Enhancing the connection you already have with the people who have bought into your brand, building a connection with potential new customers. And always putting your business first.

Client relationship management

CRM covers a wide range of activities, processes and internal activities and principles that need to be in place before your marketing can really help drive your business.

In essence, it’s about building relationships, making friends with your customers and always having them see that you are acting with their best interest at heart.

Done well, it will affect many aspects of how you do business at an organisational level to make sure that everything is working at optimum capacity:

  • how staff interact with customers
  • service levels
  • forecasting
  • an understanding of trends and customer characteristics and behaviours.

Positive points of contact

The aim is to make every point of contact between your company and brand and your customers a positive one – and one that enhances the brand experience in a lasting and cumulative way.

We have tools that can help… from highly sophisticated database processes and specialist software, to cloud computing and artificial intelligence. Plus, because we’re a Google Partner Agency, we have access to many resources that are otherwise hard to find.

It costs a lot of money to get a new customer. So, make sure that you don’t lose the ones that you have. LAW Strategic Intelligence and CRM strategy expertise can make sure that you don’t.

TUI Sales Promotion

A summer sales promotion campaign that encouraged immediate bookings and interaction.

TUI Group