Market Research

Market Research

Market research consultancy. Know more. Achieve more

Inform your business and brand progress at every step of the strategic planning process.

The power of research consulting. Definitely. Not maybe

Embrace market research excellence and you embrace knowledge over assumption. You choose (and benefit from) a method and set of processes and tools utilised to gather and analyse information about a wide and varied range of things.

Perhaps you’re in the process of reviewing new campaign concepts or ideas, or maybe you’re looking for feedback on a specific product or service. Alternatively, you could be interested in finding out more about your target audience – i.e. seeking key insights into the behaviour of both existing as well as potential new customers.

That’s where a market research agency – and LAW Creative in particular – come in. We’ll help harness some key insights and give you the answers you actually need. For example… what people think about an important new campaign… why one web page in particular is getting more hits than others… how you can adapt a product or service to make it as relevant as possible to your target market.

On the case. In the know

Market research is essential for providing the information you need to make critical business decisions. From a simple online questionnaire through to moderated qualitative group discussions and sophisticated quantitative studies (either on scheduled cumulative waves or an ‘as needed’ basis), we’re on the case with unrivalled experience.

LAW Creative work only with UX testers and moderators who are qualified, and all research is summarised by accurate reporting, together with key recommendations. Which means that you can have complete faith in our findings, from start to finish.

David Lloyd Leisure Rebrand

An international brand repositioning and business building programme that set David Lloyd Leisure apart from the competition.

David Lloyd Leisure Rebrand