Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Marketing strategic planning. Think ahead. Get ahead

The basis of developing a great marketing strategy plan is based on a number of questions. They are very simple, but the answers may be complex to reach, understand and describe.

This is the first stage in everything else we do, from channel media planning through to the creative brief and ultimately what it is that appears as the representative face of your brand and company.

Strategic planning: a few key questions

A deep understanding of what you do and how you do it.
A fully analysed review of the underlying processes that can be engineered or leveraged to help you achieve competitive stand out.
Points that are important in helping to make customers see an advantage in your brand and business over and above that of your competitors.
A complete and fully researched investigation into target markets and the best way to reach them.
Knowing when the market is most likely to respond positively to your message.
What you hope to achieve through marketing activity either in terms of ROI, awareness, or any other metric or combination of them.
How will this activity drive you closer to your business/brand vision.
Do you talk to your customers in a way that supports and enhances the things you say you believe in as a business?

Marketing strategic planning: helping you hit the sweet spot

This is the process that we work through with you before we do anything else. Of course, a simple task may not need to be so complex, but most will involve a discussion around one or more of these questions as they are necessary to formulate accurate briefs.

By working in this way, shared Strategic Intelligence is available not only to you but to everyone who works on your behalf at LAW Creative, helping us and you to hit the sweet spot in messaging – whatever the project.

This kind of knowledge exchange builds a deep and informative history which we can add to as we get to know about you and deploy instantly on campaigns or any project on your behalf, saving time in briefing, understanding and delivery too.

Lucas Brand Campaign

We placed a legendary automotive icon centre stage with a fully integrated campaign that achieved outstanding levels of engagement.