Stay social. Stay visible.

Stay social. Stay visible.

At times like this (unprecedented times which, thankfully, don’t come around very often) it can be hard to know what to do for the best. Of course, the health of the nation – and the planet – is the single most important thing on everyone’s mind. Yet, we have to think about what happens when all of this is over too. Yes, no one is going out at the moment. But at some point, they will. And it’s then that those brands that were brave during the darkest times will reap the greatest reward.

Don’t be afraid

Perhaps the most obvious thing for any brand to do is pull up the drawbridge, stop all marketing spend and wait until this crisis is over. But is that kind of short-term thinking going to be good for your brand in the long-term? Natalia Talkowska, founder of Natalka Design, certainly doesn’t think so. In her opinion, preparedness is crucial.

“Whether it’s embracing new tools, going digital or rethinking leadership, go with it,” she says, “rather than sitting and watching in fear, which will only breed more fear and anxiety for your team.”

Focus on social

Look at the facts. There will be more people than ever on their phones, seeking out engaging content to keep them busy as they try to tackle the emotional burden of self-isolation. So, instead of shutting your communications down, look up and see what social media could do for you right now – and going forward.

It’s predicted that social media spending will jump by 22.2% as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead of switching off therefore and losing ground to your competitors, stay switched on to the power social has to promote your brand – and continue to engage with your audience.

Stand up. Not still

According to Joshua Spanier, Google’s global marketing VP for media, crisis can actually provide clarity, with five principles to help all brands navigate these uncertain times:

1. Trust local market decisions

Yes, this is a global pandemic, but the impact is local. As interest in news surges, there are many more ad impressions being served in the news category. So, brands have to ask themselves, “in what instances are we comfortable putting our brand alongside news content?” Where brands advertise could need to shift, and local context is key.

2. Constantly reassess your campaigns and strategy

Market dynamics are changing rapidly. So, marketing strategies should too. For example, it’s now time to ask, “is this creative or ad placement right for this moment and in this context?” If it isn’t, change it. Adapt your messaging for these ever-changing times.

3. Review the creative elements of your media and marketing campaigns

Is the tonality and/or visual imagery appropriate for the current climate? If it isn’t, change it. Adapt, evolve but above all, remain visible.

4. Changing priorities to navigate uncertainty

It’s time to re-evaluate your media budget based on what is happening in the world right now. But that doesn’t mean shutting up shop. It means being the kind of brand your audience needs right now. One that is helpful, forward-thinking, positive and socially responsible.

5. Contribution, at every opportunity

If ever there’s a moment for us all to come together and help one another, this is it. So, let’s ask ourselves, how we can help our consumers, our customers and our partners.

There’s one certainty in uncertain times

The bottom line: we will get through this. As a nation, as a world and as an industry. And, when we do, the brands that were brave and adaptable during the darkest times will reap the rewards in the brighter days ahead.

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