The Ten

The Ten

This year, Nike launched The Ten, a reinvention of ten iconic trainer designs by Virgil Abloh, the fashion designer of the new up-and-coming street wear brand OFF WHITE. The project was completed in an insane ten-month timespan in what turned out to be one of the fastest and most ambitious collaborations ever completed by Nike.

A few weeks ago I entered a draw to win one of these very limited and exclusive pairs of trainers and was staggered to receive an email letting me know I had won! And not any pair but the rarest and most sought-after pair they had released – The Nike Air Jordans x OFF WHITE.

Naturally, my first response was to look up how much these exclusive trainers were selling for. After a search on eBay I couldn’t quite believe my luck! The prices started at an eye-popping £1,000 and went all the way up to a staggering £1,900. All I had to do now was get my hands on the goods.

The Nike Air Jordans x OFF WHITE

So, I headed down to Nike Lab Shoreditch at my given time slot. I was greeted by six security guards at the front of the shop who asked to see my ID and my email from Nike. I was then allowed into the store where Nike had on display all of The Ten, some of which, including the ones I had come to collect, had not yet been officially released on sale. As I walked out of the shop with my trainers, I was surrounded by people asking if they could buy them from me there and then. I was shocked at the sums they were offering me for a pair of trainers! People were haggling and one guy offered me £1,200 in cash!! This was a deal too good to be missed, so we walked up to a local coffee shop, where we took the shoes out of the packaging so he could check and make sure they real. He handed over £1,200 in cash, I counted it out in front of him, and that was it, the deal was done. We left the shop. He walked one way and I went the other. I was happy and he was happy.

It was quite an experience and a powerful reminder of how a strong brand that champions challenging and impactful design has the capacity to not only drive sales but to inspire such deep passion from its target audience.

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Five of Nike’s “The Ten”