In the automotive aftermarket landscape it can be difficult to stand out or resonate with an audience. Many manufacturers produce parts and products that are not dissimilar from one another. So, a strong brand with a compelling message, definitive personality and ethos is vital. Even more vital: an agency partner who can see a way to cut through all the noise and make a connection with the customers you want.

A clear objective for a crowded market

TRW Aftermarket, one of the largest automotive part suppliers in the global aftersales market, wanted to increase sales by standing out in a B2B marketplace where customers perceived little differentiation among bland product-focused campaigns, and where the phrase ‘original equipment quality’ had become so ubiquitous and vague that it had become meaningless.

Our objective was to give TRW Aftermarket standout, premium credentials and deliver truly meaningful ownership of the word ‘original’ in the aftermarket.

Real workshops. Genuine connections

Launched in June 2018 and running until 2020 across 9 European countries, the ‘Original Workshops’ campaign put the emphasis on one crucial thing: being real. To create empathy in and engagement with an audience who had ‘seen it all before’, everything we did had to have true authenticity. Furthermore, TRW themselves did not want to come across as forced or placed either. The LAW solution: to create a peer to peer platform where mechanics could come and find genuine and relevant content that they could utilise in order to help grow their business.

Compelling films, unmissable content

Campaign films were shot in a documentary style for a more natural, authentic feel, with a focus on four main content areas – Customer Service, Digital Marketing, Business Success and Sourcing Parts. We then created even more authenticity by featuring real life workshops… who also happened to be TRW customers. How we found them: TRW sales and regional teams ran a local recruitment campaign to find inspiring workshops interested in taking part in the campaign, share their unique stories and provide invaluable hints and tips to their peers.


Focus: Customer Service
Location: Portugal
Business: A H Almeida

Rui Almeida inherited A H Almeida as an original workshop business established by his father. As part of the campaign, Rui shared secrets to how his family have continued to exceed their customers’ needs to keep them loyal.


Focus: Digital Marketing
Location: United Kingdom
Business: Revolution Porsche

Russ was managing big IT projects, sometimes working round the clock. He felt he needed to get out, be his own boss and do something he could believe in. So, in 2011, he set up his own workshop. Combining his IT background with his automotive passion, Russ provided insight on how workshops can successfully utilise Digital Marketing.


Focus: Business Success
Location: Germany
Business: Jendrossek Autoteile GmbH

From its beginnings as a small family business, Jendrossek Autoteile GmbH expanded to offer a full range of repair, equipment and tyre equipment. It employs almost 40 people and is now one of the largest independent automotive workshops in northern Germany. Owner Matthias gave his insight on growing workshop businesses, overcoming challenges and developing his team.

Solid connections, strong results

Results underlined the importance of making a genuine connection with TRW’s core audience. PPC Display achieved 859,640 clicks, with a CTR of 0.82%. YouTube figures were impressive too, with an 1,800 increase in subscribers and views totalling 2,244,407.

Number one in SERPS for relevant awareness keywords such as remanufactured, the campaign led to 1,495 ebook downloads and was a strong source of evergreen organic traffic – averaging 4,000 clicks per month and 17,000 impressions per week.


*Average CTR = 0.60%.

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